International shopping websites!- Part 1

As the name suggests, this blog is all about international shopping websites that are shipping to India. There are over 100 websites at the moment that are shipping to India but I will only be listing the ones that are popular, safe and  tested by me. There are  many websites that I have used to shop online, the product has always came out authentic, reached on time and can be returned.(most of the times sender bears the cost).


Since Indian custom department has become really strict lately with international couriers, it is mandatory to fill out KYC(know your customer) forms to get your courier delivered. The forms are filled after you have ordered your stuff and it reaches the custom department. If you have paid custom fees in advance, you will get a call regarding the submission of KYC forms that will include your Aadhar card details, pan details and some forms that may differ from company to company. Once you get a call, they send you a mail wherein you can attach the required documents and the packet gets delivered to you in 2-3 days time, depending on your location.

First up is

The website has a huge variety of International brands ranging from local high street brands of USA and UK to designer brands like Gucci, YSL, Givenchy, etc. You can definitely shop on the website  for latest designer wear. This is one of my favourite websites because it ships to India for free. That definitely saves a lot of money. Also, the custom duty charged by the website is pretty less as compared to other International websites that I will be reviewing in this article.

I have used this website many times to buy brands like Michael kors, Rebecca minkoff, Tory Burch and others. The shipping time is around 4-5 days. So basically when you shop from this website, they tell you the total charges in the cart along with the custom fees applicable on your purchase. You can choose to pay the custom fees at the checkout or when your product gets delivered.  Your order must be of minimum $100 or more to get free delivery or else you will be charged for delivery.

The shipping time from shop bob is pretty less like 4-5 days on an average.

Coupon code: 15FORYOU or FORYOU!; check out which works on your order. This will make you eligible for 15% discounted on non-discounted items. There are some brands on which this coupon doesn’t apply like Kate Spade, Sam Edelman, etc.

The next website is

The website has a very wide collection of various high street and designer brand. The rates are genuine and very often you get sales on the items too. I have shopped from the website before but I got the stuff delivered to Australia coz my friend was coming from there. They don’t charge any customs to Australia and many other countries. I bought a bag from here which was on 30% off from Tory burch. The price of the bag was marked down by quiet a good amount but when I checked out, I saw shipping fees and import duties added to my order which increased the price to even more than its original price. I was heart broken, then I decided to check the prices and custom cost to other countries. I was lucky that my friend was coming from Australia and I got the bag shipped to her at no extra cost. I did pay $15 shipping, which didn’t hurt that much.

So basically Nordstrom has a lot of things on sale but if you calculate the shipping and customs to India, the product you get is always at full value. But if you see on the brighter side, you can shop your favourite brands from USA while sitting at your home- you are definitely saving on the travel cost. If it doesn’t hurt you to pay few extra bucks for your favourite pieces then getting it from Nordstrom is your best bet. The variety available with them is definitely extensive than shopbop.

The third one on my list is

Many of you must already been using asos for its fashionable clothes and affordable prices. Well ASOS is the very first international website that I used to purchase clothes online. My first order from it was probably 8 years ago. Asos is one of the first international websites that started delivering to India for free. Custom charges were imposed earlier also but the rules were different. Earlier the charges were implied on orders above INR10000. So if your order was under that value, chances were you won’t pay any custom charges.  I have always ordered under that value, if I was ordering anything above that value; I would rather split it in two orders. The same is not true now, you do have to pay custom fees on every order whether it is under 10k or not in India; thanks to our prime minister Modi!

Also a lot of times the packet was lost somewhere in the middle. It has happened to me twice,  ASOS is kind enough to refund your money for undelivered packets and also generous enough to give a 25% coupon code for next purchase.

Earlier the product was sent through government posts and postman used to come to your house telling that there is an International delivery and you need to collect it from the post office. Now its not the same, they use faster courier services like DTDC international, etc. So what happened before was that people used to send back the courier looking at the custom charges imposed on it. That is why ASOS has now changed the rules.

Once you now place an order with ASOS, you will be sent a mail 1-2 days later regarding the custom fees. You need to pay it before your order gets dispatched. This ensures them that you will take the order and won’t send back because of custom fees.

The custom duty imposed on orders is pretty high. It is around 30% of the total value of your order. So if you ordered something for 10000INR , you will pay a custom fees of 3000 or more on it, which will make it 13000+. If you look at the extra custom duty we pay, the things end up being really expensive in some cases, and since you have a longer process of sending it back; it makes it even less interesting.

ASOS has its own manufacturing, for which the prices are reasonable but comparable to various high street brands in India like ZARA, Mango, Promod, Forever New, etc. The variety available with them is huge but their boots and shoes are definitely cheaper than the brands available in India. The added custom fees always make them equally expensive. The only best part about shopping from ASOS is that the variety and stuff available it is latest and is not available in India. So buying from there makes a lot of sense if you are fashion forward and want to wear the latest trends before anyone else does.

There are some other websites that I will be discussing in the next blog, since this one ha become really long. Lets do a part 2!