In love with Zimmerman’s new fashion week collection!

New York fashion week has definitely given style bloggers some new style goals. The variety and execution of fashion staples was amazing. The one designer that blew my mind was Zimmerman. Their collection is so basic yet trendy. Zimmerman went back to her roots for her 2017 collection and created magic on the ramp.

I loved the use of grey and white colors; perfect for the fall season. Many designers stay away from white in winters as it gets dull and boring but the way Zimmerman ruled the walkway with basic fall colors left me wonderstruck.



Her inspiration was Gold coast in Australia. While reminiscing her parent’s honeymoon in the Gold coast; she tried to capture the calmness, romanticism and beauty of Gold coast in her collection. The cuts, silhouette and design of his dresses left me awestruck for days.


Look at the designs, I mean how creative it is. Not that we haven’t seen a blazer and pants style before but the color coordination and right use of accessories is beautiful.



The frills, ruffles, lace  and right use of metallic buttons is incredible. It’s like eating a Sundae with a little bit of every flavor tickling my taste buds in every possible way.

The cropped blouses until mid rift,  bell sleeves, cold shoulders and long jackets are some of the styles that will continue to make a fashion statement in fall as well.


My favorite of all his creations has been this beautiful ruffled dress in gray and white with immaculate use of metallic button fastening and laces running through them in crisscross fashion; aaah! Lovely!. It has been running on my mind from so many days. Check it out, isn’t it just out of this world?



So if you are investing in fall essentials; make sure to include grey and off white in it.

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