Why I started this fashion blog?

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing fine.

Today in this blog I wanted to share as how and why I started this fashion blog? Just like  my fellow readers, I have always been fashion oriented. I like to dress up every day. Also, I confess that I have a problem of possessing things. I am always buying new things(Guilty:))

A 9-5 job grants a schedule to be dress up and showcase you new stuff but i didn’t have any. I wouldn’t give up on buying new clothes and stuff so I had to find a way where I can dress up and showcase your style. Then one day whilst browsing pictures of various fashion bloggers on Instagram who have made being fashionable their full time job; it struck me that I should also be a fashion blogger. Most of the famous bloggers in India are young and unmarried. I am pretty sure life changes after marriage but fashionista in you never dies. There are hardly any bloggers exhibiting their stylish self after marriage. I want to show people how they can be still be stylish and fashion forward even when you have less time at hand for thyself.  In my opinion every women out their is a fashionista as everyone has their unique style.

Also I do run a private boutique business and I used be a content writer in the past so writing blogs is definitely my forte. Taking the advantage of both my professions I am now starting a fashion blog wherein I would be giving you a daily dose of fashion, new trends and fashion reviews.

This blog is not just about what I wear, it is more about how I wear the same thing in a variety of ways. The bonus is I would also give reviews on variety of fashion trends; hits and misses and how people with different body type should go about a latest trend.

About my style: I am a fashion forward person but I am more like a person who dresses appropriately. So if you spot me in a mall; I will definitely be in my comfy fashion clothes and not in skimpy outfits that would restrict me from bending; footwear that allow me to walk without causing a crack in my ankle.
So that’s my story and reason of being stylishly stylish.

Finally I would love you to stick with me on my new journey. I welcome your comments to guide me in the right direction. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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